I have a good friend who’s going through some relationship challenges right now. He’s wondering why he has a hard time attracting the right girl, why he ends up with someone who’s too immature for him or too much of a drama queen. You’ve got to realize that the energy you put out is the energy that you get, so if you put out an energy of desperation, that you’re just willing to date anyone, then that’s what you’re going to receive. That was me in my 20s. I would date anybody. I was easy because I was low on self-confidence, self-value, self-worth. When you feel that you’re not deserving of the best, then you’re not going to get the best. But with time, life’s wisdom, age, maturity, I’ve come to realize that.

Don’t lower your standards for anyone.

You’ve got to keep your standards high. You’ve got to know what you want and believe that you are deserving of that type of partner. Be choosy. Be picky. There’s nothing wrong with that. That will weed out the losers, or more so somebody who’s not so compatible for you. Just be yourself. Be genuine, be authentic. Be sincere. Be you, because that person is going to like you for who you are. Good, bad, ugly, they’re going to learn to like it all. That’s the real partner for you.

But when you have this energy that you’re sending out of desperation, then anybody will be attracted to you. It’s the energy that you put out, so choose to put out a higher level of energy because you are very deserving of the best partner that life has waiting for you.

This is Dr. Susan Truong at Beyond 2020 inspiring you to live 2020.

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