I always wanted to be some kind of doctor, so I became an eye doctor. Those four years in optometry school, they were not easy. It was lots of studying, late nights, serious discipline and dedication. So therefore came graduation day, I was thrilled. I was the happiest girl in the world. It was a very special day of course. I was getting ready to receive my doctor of optometry degree. My family were there to share in the joy.

After the ceremony, my dad came up to me, whispered in my ear, “Now that you’re a doctor, don’t think that you’re better than others because you’re not.” I had a fleeting moment where I was upset by that statement, but it was just a fleeting moment because I understood that my dad was just lovingly reminding me to be humble. To stay humble because no matter how high our title or how far super successful we get, if we just stay grounded and humble, it keeps us real. Others can relate to us better, and that’s what my dad was just reminding me.

So here I am after 20 years of practicing, I stay humble. It’s not beneath me to help my staff to empty the garbage, clean the floor, whatever is needed to be done around the office. Again, just because I’m a doctor, it doesn’t make me better than the others. I’ve just been blessed to have the opportunity to have gotten that higher education, while others may not. So because of that opportunity, I am going to use that to make a difference, which I’ve been and plan to continue to. This is Dr. Susan, inspiring you to live beyond 2020. Thank you.

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