I had a patient the other day who’s in her early 70s and is still working full-time. I have many patients in their 60s and 70s who are still working full-time. I get curious, so I asked him, “Why are you still working full time at your age? You should be enjoying retirement, spending more time with the grandkids, traveling more, playing golf, going fishing, whatever it is that you enjoy.” But many of them will tell me it’s because they can’t afford to retire. So I ask them, “Why do you think that is?” And they’ll admit it. They’ll tell you it’s because of poor financial planning in prior years.

I know it’s not easy to save, but if you could just make it a daily habit, even if it’s saving a dollar a day, stick it in a jar. At the end of the year, you have $365… Times 10 years, that’s $3,650… Times another 10 years, and it adds up. Savings becomes a habit, a good habit versus the habit of spending what we have and living paycheck to paycheck. Plan accordingly so that you have more options, so that you don’t feel that you have to work into your golden years, as we call them. You want to take that time and enjoy it with your loved ones and have the freedom to do whatever you want. Go wherever you want. Stop being a slave to that time clock day in, day out.

Plan accordingly, especially your financial planning. If your work has a 401k where your company matches it, take advantage of that. You know that’s free money. So just practice this on a daily basis and it will become easier. Again, just start with a simple thing. Stick a dollar in a jar somewhere. Put it away. Don’t look at it. Do that every day. This is Dr. Susan Truong at Beyond 2020, inspiring you to live beyond 2020.

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